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On The Grape Vine. Episode #1. - Magali Bellego and Wax/Wine London.

On The Grape Vine. Episode #1.

Magali Bellego and Wax/Wine London.

This month we were really excited to welcome Magali Bellego and her business Wax/Wine London upstairs at Silver Lining.

Wax/Wine London recycles empty wine bottles from bars in London specialising in low intervention wines and turning the empty bottles into beautiful homewares which she makes in her new studio above the bar.

Magali’s vision for her brand highlights the strong association of spiritual rebuilding connected to the waxing and waning of the moon. She believes in the philosophy of working with nature, rather than against it, responding to the rhythm, moving forwards and being proactive towards your goals as it waxes, and removing toxicity from your life as it wanes.

The cycles of the bottles, their journey from wine vessels, their reincarnation into candles and beyond supports the theory that life has a cyclical nature and recurrent themes, where you can repurpose and create magic wherever you go.

We chatted to Magali about food, drink, life and importantly candles!

Who are you and where are you from?

I am from Mexico and moved to London 15 years ago to study Visual Communications. I have spent the last decade working in F&B. Like some people in hospitality I ended in the industry because of the flexibility of working hours, whilst holding two jobs, doing unpaid work somewhere else and also when I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life

What have you been up to today?

Tuesday is shipping day so I went to the studio to finish and pack orders from last week

Why did you start Wax/Wine?

It was a lockdown 1.0 reinvention! I bought myself a bottle cutter last Christmas, but when you work long hours in a busy restaurant you rarely find the energy to do much else. It was during lockdown that I had a go at it and after a few months of practicing and receiving positive feedback from friends that I knew I was up to something worth pursuing.

What is/was your experience in the hospitality industry?

It is a very fun and rewarding, but underappreciated industry, people don’t know how much goes behind the hands prepping and the smiles delivering your F&B. I miss the buzz and adrenaline of a busy shift, but I truly love this new chapter and so does my mind and legs!

What made you decide to make the change?

I missed dearly doing creative work. I had done projects on and off over the years but the more senior my position was in my previous jobs, the less time and energy I had for myself to pursue this. I knew  that my time managing restaurants had come to an end. I am not as young as I was when I started, the long hours, the lack of routine and the stress that comes with it were having a toll on my mental health. 

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Waste, repurposing, seeing the potential in something, carboot sales, charity shops, nature, museums, bike rides, memories from travels.

What is your dream for Wax/Wine London?

A retail and workshop space where I can hold candle making workshops and wine tastings!

Red, White, Rose or Orange?

I love wine and I think the choice depends on the occasion and time of the day, but I seem to go mostly for Orange these days, it is no surprise as Sherry is a favourite of mine of all times

What is your favourite wine on Silver Lining’s List?

I really like the Si Vinters Baba Yaga, Aromatic, Herbaceous and an all day kind of wine.

Where is your favourite place to go for dinner in London?

Tough tough tough. So many places, so little time, but the two place I seem to visit most regularly are Jolene and Mangal I

What does 2021 look like for Magali Bellego?

Who knows! After 2020 I am just happy to take each month as it comes but definitely candles and shops on the horizon.